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Beebe, Nash and Other Affiliated Families


 Esther Bebee, Wife of Sherman Stebbins.  As a result of this marriage, the Bebee family was allowed a portion of the Stebbins family gravesites at Hillside Cemetery in Monson, MA.

 The Stebbins Plot, Monson.  The two stones on the left of the picture are for Bebee family members

 Florence, Albert & Hubert Nash

 Florence Nash

 Albert Masey

 Clayton Maxwell

 Henry & Marguerta Donahue

 Jeron Hatch

 Hollowell Marcy

 Omar Marcy

 Sewell Logee

 Mrs. Sewell Logee

 Sarah Steel

 Carlisle Steel

 Fred Hovey, May 4, 1868 at 6 mos old.  The family for which Hovey Hill is named in Monson.

 Martha Vizard

 Charles Vizard

 Etta Vizard

 Saranda Vizard

 Seth Bradway

 Emma Bradway

 Addie Scott

 Hattie Ferry

  Mary Gold