First recorded use of the Arms of the Stebbins Family in Massachusetts


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Stebbins Photographs


  Clarence Stebbins

 Adeline Stebbins

 Sara Lambert Stebbins

 Lowell Stebbins

 Ranson Stebbins

 Mary Clark Stebbins

  Martha (Mrs. Lowell) Stebbins

 Albert Stebbins

 Mary Stebbins

 Mrs. Warren Stebbins

 Martha Stebbins

 Merrill A. Stebbins

 Myrta, Aunt Alie and Bertha Stebbins

 Martha Stebbins

 Merrill E. Stebbins  1897-1973

 Elmer as infant

 Mrs. Sherman Stebbins nee Esther Bebee 1861-1879

 Eula Fisk Stebbins (died as infant) 1896-1897 Third Child of Sherman Stebbins and Alfaretta Jane Fisk.

 Hattie Stebbins, half sister to Elmer  (tintype)  Daughter of Merrill Albert and Emma Bebee

 Lester Carlton Stebbins 1857-       Married Sarah A. Lamphear.  Son of Carlton Luke

 Reverse of Lester Stebbins carte de visite.

 Early "Artistic" format for Lester Stebbins photograph.

 Walter V. Stebbins, son of Lester. b1885

 Funeral (memorial) Carte de visite for Carlton Stebbins


 Sherman Moses Stebbins b1855, married Ester M. Beebe 1861-1879.  Son of Carlton Luke Stebbins


 Carlton Luke Stebbins 1819-1891, son of Ruel Stebbins and Miriam Sherman (1783-1859) married Martha Logee Baker b1828

 Hazel Estelle Stebbins 1889-1972, Daughter of Merrill Albert Stebbins and Emma J. Powers.  Married Arthur Albert Sherman

 Hazel Estelle Stebbins